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16AU001 OP: Tony QTH : Flemalle LOC: JO20ro

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*** Bienvenue , 73's et bonne visite *** / *** Welcome, 73's and good visit *** / *** Bienvenida, 73's y buena visita ***

    Hello, My name is Tony

      My QTH Flémalle-Haute arround 12kms from the city Liège

                                                  (also my province)Arround 101kms from capital Brussels,

                                                               North-East Belgium, my locator: JO20RO

                                                                         My Certificate Alpha Uniform


                                                                          MY RADIO EQUIPMENTS

                                                                                  Kenwood Ts 570D

                                                                                  Kenwood Ts 120S

                                                                                  Président Jackson

                                                                         Ham International Concorde

                                                                       Receptor Sommerkams fr-50B


                                                                                    Antenne G5RV

                                                             Antenne long file with trap 80m home made

                                                                 Antenne Tagra GP40 Vertical 8 Band

                                                                                Antenne Antron 99

                                                                         Directive sirtel 4 elements



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